Old English

Storm Riddle I

English Translation            Old English      

Who is a man     so sharp and masterful
that he may say
    who drives my motion
when I mount strong,--
    sometimes wrathful,
blustering and powerful,
    cruelly beating down,--
and ferry over folds of land
    to blast the folk homes
and ravage mansions?

                                        Smoke rides
like hoary ash over roofs.
    Din harrows the earth.
Men die violently
    when I mangle the woods
and fruitful bowers,
    fell timber beams
roofed under heaving waves.
    High might winds
them to wander,
    widely sent forth.

I have ridges made
    of what ere covered nations
of ground-dwellers,
    their flesh and ghosts
all swimming together.

                                          Say who guides me
or how I am called,
    you who bear my burden.

     Hwelč is hlea s horsc     and s hyge-crftig,
    t t mge a-secgan,     hw
meč on s wrece,
    onne ič a-st
ge strang,     stundum re,
    rymm-full unie,     r
gum wrce
re geond foldan,     folc-salu brne,
čed rafie?     Rečas stga,
    haswe ofer hr
fum.     Hlynn bi on eoran,
l-cwealm wera,     onne ič wudu hrre,
    bearwas bl
ǽd-hwte,     bamas fielle,
ge-hrfed,     hahum meahtum
    wrecen on w
e,     wd sended;
bbe m on hrycge     t ǽr hdas wrh
endra,     flǽsc and gstas,
    samod on sunde.     Sge hw me
č pečče,
    oe h
ič hatte,     e hlst bere.

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