This is the new home of our blog on the public domain localization of Tez Okano’s cult classic, Segagaga.

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  1. Rob Dean says:


    Just wanted to say good luck with the continuing translation. I cannot offer any help technically as I don’t speak/read japanese but if you except donations? I could pledge a little towards the project.

    I donated a small amount to the Policenauts translation and that also took years to complete so no rush!

    I have the D-Direct SEGAGAGA for my Dreamcast and look forward to being finally able to play/understand it!



  2. Mark Randall says:

    I ditto everything Rob says…

    I am diehard Saturn/Dreamcast fan and I am just hearing about this game for the first time today… Anything I can do to help, let me know.

    I’ll try and emails some podcasts to get some buzz on it.

  3. Devon Lasher says:

    +1 to the list of support.

    I saw your interview up on Racketboy with my friend and we’ve been following the project ever since. Every time there’s an update we both hurriedly read it twice over and absorb it immediately. Segagaga was one thing about the Dreamcast that embodied my undying love for the console. That I never got to play it was a huge let down, but here you guys are, doing this massive undertaking so people like us can enjoy a game that was never released here.

    Huge kudos. It’s people like you that need to be at the head of giants like EA and Activision. People like your team would steer gaming towards a better future. Aside from my comments, I hope work is progressing well, and that we’ll see a release in the near future!

  4. DJ Fob Fresh says:

    Hey Guys!

    I love the project! Can’t wait to get a chance to play this crazy title. Let us know if there is anything we can do!

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