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Segagaga Intro: English Translation

Hello! Here is a test subtitling of a translation of the introductory “placard” to Segagaga. This introduces the corporate values that Sega holds dear in its striving toward excellence in saving the world through videogames. Note that every corporate value … Continue reading

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The Hedgehog-Blue Light at the End of the Tunnel

HELLO WORLD. Almost two years have passed since the last post here. How time flies! I’ve had to triage projects over the past few years based on their likelihood of completion. I’ve got enough invested in Segagaga‘s translation that I … Continue reading

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C-Man and the Masters of the Moeverse

ALERT: As always, this blog post contains potential game spoilers. Continuing along with Lab C’s script, we’d like to introduce one of the few subchapter characters who appears beyond his subchapter’s end: C-Man. While we’re still investigating possible references embedded … Continue reading

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Touching base

We’ve been moving forward with translation of the Lab C text — the R&D RPG segment featuring different layers of economic classes with an abundance of moe. We’ll update with some specific language topics in the near future. I just … Continue reading

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Racketboy Interview / Help Wanted

Hello, all! Our¬†interview with has gone live. We¬†cover a range of issues regarding our work process, goals for the project, and more! We hope you enjoy it. Additionally, as we are always looking for any available help in this … Continue reading

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The Kuruma Ebi Speaks (plus Wallpapers!)

We worked on the translation in a couple of intense burst sessions last weekend, and we’ve spent most of our SGGG energy this week putting together responses for the interview. It should be the kind of long-term catchup (with … Continue reading

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The Blog is Back

Welcome to the re-birth of the Segagaga localization blog! Our rate of progress has slowed down over the past year and a half, but we’ve resumed work at a greater pace thanks in no small part to new members of … Continue reading

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Original title: “Landmark”

This is an edited version of a blog post that originally appeared on 05/10/2007. We’ve almost reached a checkpoint in our work. I’ve smoothed the bumps from the translation for the Lab A gameplay section; I’ve got English subtitles on … Continue reading

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