Racketboy Interview / Help Wanted

Hello, all! Our interview with Racketboy.com has gone live. We cover a range of issues regarding our work process, goals for the project, and more! We hope you enjoy it.

Additionally, as we are always looking for any available help in this regard, we’d also like to call attention to an excerpt from the end of the interview:

. . .we currently seek technical help in the matters described in this interview. To reiterate those needs: we specifically need a programmer capable of adding a half-width font to the game to accommodate the length of the script, and we need someone capable of writing tools to access game file archive and graphic formats. Anyone interested in taking a whack at it can reach us through the blog or at SegagagaPatch@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance!

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One Response to Racketboy Interview / Help Wanted

  1. Josh Tari as "Captain DC" says:

    Yeah, it sure was a good read.

    Adding a half-width font, eh? Have you already been able to locate and reverse-engineer the compressed PVR file containing the original font? Without that one, resizing the font is going to be difficult (unless I’m mistaking something here).
    Anyway, for more intel, simply check the end of the mail I sent some days ago. Hope it helps.

    I wish you the best of luck with your translation.
    – Captain DC

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