The Hedgehog-Blue Light at the End of the Tunnel


Almost two years have passed since the last post here. How time flies!

I’ve had to triage projects over the past few years based on their likelihood of completion. I’ve got enough invested in Segagaga‘s translation that I want to see this through, yet I’ve also had to focus on other projects that require more immediate attention.

On that point… please look forward to the soon-to-be-released iOS game République from Camouflaj studios!

Because of other commitments, then, SGGG has had to take a back seat once more. We’ve mainly lacked anyone capable of creating a patch with a half-width font to display an appropriate amount of text per dialogue box. Without a half-width font, any final product would be unsightly at best, unreadable and unusable at worst.

Programmer Geoff Embree (also known as Pokeytax) has come to our aid, bringing his prior experience with unofficial translation projects such as Suikogaiden Vol. 2 and Suikoden Card Stories. We’re extremely grateful for his taking initiative to contact us and get the ball rolling.

And the ball is rolling! I present the current fruits of his labor.

Segagaga Half-Width Font Test

With this, the Segagaga translation jumps up the triage ladder by dramatic leaps and bounds.

I do apologize for any well-meant blog comments that have not been approved. The volume of spam that this blog receives is incredible (21k+ at this point), and I’m afraid I don’t have time to look at each one individually to see which is legit. I’m going to clean them out wholesale except for the ones that I’d already approved for previous blogs so that we can start afresh. I apologize for any accidental deletion of legit comments. I’ll keep up with it better this go-round.

Please feel free to contact me on my Twitter account, @Adilegian. I will respond as I am able.

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12 Responses to The Hedgehog-Blue Light at the End of the Tunnel

  1. Buffalo says:


  2. Mister Xiado says:

    I had very nearly given up hope. Know that your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

  3. IrishNinja says:

    awesome! this one’s at the top of my list for fan translation efforts, and like others i’d feared it was again lost. please keep the updates coming as time permits!

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  5. David says:

    If you’re having a hard time with spam comments you should try to install Akismet on your wordpress install. Should cut down the comment spam and it’s retroactive! Free too, check your plugins tab.

    Good to see I might have a chance to play this gem of a game. Keep up the good work!

    • Adilegian says:

      I just activated it last night… and then deactivated it to handle some technical problems that WordPress’s support said might be influenced by Akismet. I forgot to turn it on before heading to bed, and hey look at that over 30 new spam messages in one night. 😛

      I’m leaving this guard dog at the gates from hereon out. Thanks!

  6. OriginalName says:

    AMAZING! So great to see you guys make some progress on this one, I was almost sure you’d just moved on. Haha, I’m two years into Japanese courses since I interviewed you for Racketboy, so I may be playing this English translation in between teaching EFL courses in Japan by the time its released! Keep it goin’, guys, we’re all behind you!

  7. S.Bravo says:

    Great news!!! :-) Very happy to now the Segagaga translation is still in the works! Thank you to you and your volunteers for all the hard work in getting this project off the ground again! :-)

  8. Centrale says:

    Great news! Thanks for the update, and thanks to everyone for their efforts!

  9. Talnoy says:


  10. IrishNinja says:

    …still hoping!

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