The Blog is Back

Welcome to the re-birth of the Segagaga localization blog!

Our rate of progress has slowed down over the past year and a half, but we’ve resumed work at a greater pace thanks in no small part to new members of our team.

Our new lead translator is Justin Boley. His speed and attention to detail have given Segagaga‘s localization a new verve, and we’re proud to have him with us.

We’re also joined by Brady Hartel, godfather of the project. In 2006, Brady and I were tossing around ideas in a bull session, and he said, “It would be awesome if someone finally localized Segagaga with the professional attention to detail that it deserves.” I agreed, so here we are.

While Brady has provided us with support and advice over the years, he now joins us in a more active role as Senior Designer. He’ll handle getting English text where Japanese is graphically embedded in the game (such as polygonal textures and backgrounds), and he’ll also work on converting everything from the packaging to the title screen and credits. If it’s not raw text, he’ll have his hand in it.

To flourish his talents as well as offer an example of the level of quality that we maintain, here is a sample of a hypothetical Segagaga North American jewel case.

We’ll be updating this blog more regularly, and you can find out more about the current state of the localization project through an upcoming interview with

Finally, we’d like to thank Jonathan Kim for the wonderful banner you see at the head of this blog. Segagaga fans will recognize many primary and secondary characters from the game, as well a special easter egg — the game’s director, Tez Okano, decked in the lucha libre mask that he wore for Segagaga‘s promotional release events.

Thanks for your continued interest in our work!

As always, we respect Sega’s copyright ownership of the Segagaga name and license. Our work is unauthorized and will cease at any time at Sega’s request.

Our hearts go heavily out to Japan and everyone there on this tragic day in history. May you and your loved ones be safe.

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15 Responses to The Blog is Back

  1. theWanderer says:

    So glad this is still going to happen! Can’t wait to play this game in English!

  2. Anthony817 says:

    Great news guys! I have been waiting for the Racketboy interview for a few weeks now, and I even got a friend to ask you a few questions in it, here’s to hoping we will eventualy get to see this thing done in due time! Thanks to your continued work on this game and keep it up team, all you work is greatly valued!

  3. comradesnarky says:

    There’s a disappointing lack of comments here…

    Please, don’t let this discourage you. Translation projects always get huge once they’re released. I wish you guys the best, and I cannot wait to have a (pseudo) new Dreamcast game to play.

  4. Stephan Parker says:

    Really can’t wait for this to happen. It’s been a long time coming and i know you guys have put a huge amount of work into making Segagaga International a reality. Please keep me updated. When it is finally completed i wanna be one of the first to buy it! Really excited. I keep wanting to buy it off Ebay but i know its better waiting for the English language version.

  5. The Dreamcast Junkyard and myself are excited to hear this news! Looking forward to seeing the completed project!

  6. I played the first hour of the Japanese version via walkthroughs. It was surprisingly fun despite not knowing the language! But I got lost when the more hardcore game dev portions started up.

  7. Sharkone says:

    This is cool! Welcome back:)

  8. Stephen says:

    I’ve been checking on this project every so often to see if any updates have been posted. It’s good to see the localization is still in the works. Thanks for your hard work.

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  10. Wrim says:

    You guys are great! I will follow your progress and post updates about it on

    I commend your efforts good sirs.

  11. Deathrow says:

    It’s like a dream coming true… You are the best, guys!

  12. Julio3rd says:

    Great news! I finally bought myself a copy of the game last year but haven’t played it because of the language barrier. Wishing you all the best in the project.

  13. GHNeko says:

    Yessssssss laskdjfa;sldkfj;slkfjs

    Super hype now.

  14. Whirlo says:

    This makes me so happy you have no idea.

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